In the vicinity of Oledo are several of the principal attractions of Beira Baixa. Above all the vestiges ofcivilizations and the natural wonder of the area.

Geopark Naturtejo

Along its thousands kilometer course, the Tagus is nowhere so beautiful as where it makes its grand entrance across the Portuguese border. Today large areas on either side have been dedicated as a natural park where guided tours and sports excursions are held.


The Romans

There are impressive ruins nearby of the Roman’s presence in Iberia, including the town of Idanha-a-Velha and the impressive bridge at Alcantara just across the border in Spain.


Ancient Civilizations

One of Portugal’s most intriguing sites is a Monsanto, a mountaintop village with ancient ruins demonstrating that men have long understood its mysterious character. From the quinta it is about 10km distant.


Spanish Border

The Rio Erges is a dramatic landscape that forms Portugal’s border with Spain. Along its beautiful course, the stark differences between Spain and Portugal are dramatically evident.



Check out the town of Idanha-a-Nova’s official calendar. You can also find the town’s excellent magazine Adufe which publishes engaging profiles of the area. Previous editions are available on the magazine’s website as well – a wonderful way of getting acquainted with the area.