boomEvery other year in August is a busy time in our corner of the Beira thanks to the world-famous Boom Festival near Idanha-a-Nova.

This major gathering of music fans is only 23km from the Quinta (see directions below), and on some nights, when the wind is blowing in the right direction, you can hear the thumping of the enormous sound in the distance.

At Quinta da Alvarinheira, we are able to accommodate various guests and groups in our 6 rooms. With internet, air conditioning and full amenities we are a comfortable respite from the crush and din of the festival. And there will be no noise from the festival to disturb your sleep.

Feel free to inquire about our availability through our contact page.

How to get there

The Boom Festival grounds are 23km distant and should take about half an hour. It is a lovely drive.

Driving directions to Barragem Marechal Carmona, near Alcafozes, Portugal:

1. Head east on Rua da Estrada/N353 toward Idanha a Nova
2. after 11.2 km, turn left onto N354
3. after 10.3 km, you arrive at a roundabout. There should be signs for the Festival in this area