We welcome dogs at the Quinta. However, our guest dogs will now live in close proximity with many new animals, new people and new dangers. The consequence of this is that we have rules in place to ensure that the animals as well as people live in harmony.

# we reserve the right to refuse a guest or terminate a stay due to the breed or behavior of his/her dog

# animals may not be admitted into the buildings where there are other guests renting rooms, or in parts of the Quinta where they may interfere with the well-being of other guests

# we require that all dogs be on a leash on the grounds of the quinta, except for designated areas. In those areas, owners must accompany and supervise their pets.

# dog owners will be required to pay an additional deposit for any damages that may ensue from their pets, to other animals or property*

With these simple but stern rules we welcome you and your pets to Quinta da Alvarinheira including in our kennel if you so choose. However discretion and enforcement of those rules will be entirely with our manager Joao Pereira.

* among the conditions that could provoke immediate termination of your stay or forfeiture of deposit are:
– dogs who harass or chase or harass sheep or other animals
– dogs who can escape fencing or are found out of bounds
– animals who make exceptional mess (hair, feces, etc)