Quinta de Santo Antonio da Alvarinheira is a 120 year old house and farm that once dominated many hundreds of surrounding hectares of the crop lands surrounding it. Since then the economics of agriculture has changed and today the quinta is a fraction of its former self, though we continue to harvest fruits and vegetables, and provide pasture for dozens of cows and sheep.

The Patio

The main patio is the heart of the quinta, and where visitors gather in the shady areas under the old vines that encircle it.

The Garden

With its beds of wild flowers and views toward the western mountains, the front of the house offers secluded corners to relax and play in a lovely and cool pool.

The Surroundings

Directly surrounding the house and its annexed buildings are the gentle slopes of the Beira’s countryside, within easy walking distance of the patio.

Today, we offer a refuge for visitors and vacationers to the area with comfortable & quiet surroundings where they can relax during their stay in the area.

The House

The common rooms are accessible by all of the guests. There are several areas in the house where different groups of guests can relax separately from others, in addition to having full range of the garden and pool.